Buy any metal products at best market prices and get the flexible financing terms

Search for any metal products and negotiate better prices, delivery and payment terms in one single end-to-end procurement solution

Wide range of products
Access to over 20,000 SKUs of metals with various processing services, all available in one place
Direct dealing
Buy directly from stockiest owners with no middlemen, ensuring competitive prices and faster delivery
No collateral required
Financing available without collateral, with 30-60 days of invoice financing and low monthly interest payments of 1-1.5%.

Cheaper than your current dealer can provide

Flexible financing solutions
Get financing solutions tailored to your targets, with up to 1Cr renewable limit for any number of deals

Source metal products in a husstle-free way with the best prices available on the market

Real-time price and volume updates

Stay up to date with everyday updates on actual prices and volumes in your laptop and smartphone. With this information available, you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Comprehensive metal processing services

Any metal processing services for your needs: Laser/gas cutting, Guillotine chopping, Plasma-arc cutting, Slitting of coiled steel, Hole drilling, Welding.

On-time delivery and quality assurance

Timely delivery and <0.05% customer complaints on quality. All certificates are available at the click of a button, so you can be assured that your order meets all necessary standards.

24/7/365 marketplace support

Forget about tens of phone calls and e-mail with different sales managers – all the information is available online and round-the-clock marketplace client service is always with you.

Who are the customers?
MSME in North India who is buying 10-100 tons of flat steel products a month
  • Customers of flat products

    >50t a month:

    Roofying systems, ventilation equipment, sandwich panels, Lifting and attachment equipment, heavy steel structures, road equipment, water tanks, lifting equipment.

    20-50t a month:

    Fences, metal doors and furniture.

  • Customers of long products

    >50t a month:

    Commercial/civil multi-storey buildings, schools, infrastructure (roads, bridges), small/mid-sized developers.

    20-50t a month:


  • Customers of pipes

    >50t a month:

    Oil and gas subcontractors, heavy steel structures, piles producers

    20-50t a month:

    Water-supply communications, water drilling, formwork, fences

End-to-End B2B marketplace tailored for steel trading with SME

We provide you access to the new way of buying and selling steel products through our Tech-enabled B2B-marketplace

Get POs as quickly as possible
Get the tool to monitor actual prices from wholesale distributors and agree on the individual prices with your suppliers without assymetry of information on the market
Negotiate better sales terms with all potential suppliers in one easy-to-use platform
You don't need anymore wait hours before the supplier provide you the invoice. Make everything done online.
Eliminate highly intensive manual work to compare POs from different suppliers
We will provide you with the detailed analysis on the suppliers offers using our match-making tool assuring no meaningfull information is missed in order to agree on a deal.
  • Efficient procurement
    Save 1-2% every month on the efficient purchase price of steel products via our platform
  • Lower interest rate
    Save 0.5-1.5% every month getting access to cheaper financing
  • Bonus
    Buy more than 10 Lakh and get 0,1% of the total order value cashback – up to 10 000 Rs rewards per order (Example - you buy 50 Lakh of material, you get 5000 Rs as a reward)

The best value offered

Discover the competitive edge of MetalMarket compared to dealers and the NBFC

Typical Dealer
Typical NBFC
Credit limit
up to 3 Cr
up to 0.5 Cr
up to 3 Cr
Installment period
up to 185 days
15-30 days
up to 60 days
Interest rate
Approval time
2-3 days
6 months
5-7 days
Not required
Not required
Early repayment
Not possible
Documents submission
Self-Scoring first
Documents after approval
Work on trust, but trust can be created after years of work
A bunch of unnecessary documents

All steel products available on the platform

Long products

  • Rebar
  • Channel
  • Beam
  • Angles
  • Round
  • Plate

Flat products:

  • Hot-rolled coil (HRC), Cold-rolled coil (CRC)
  • HR/CR Sheet
  • Corrugated coil/sheet
  • Galvanized coil/sheet
  • Strip


  • Square pipes
  • Rectangular pipes
  • EWR pipes
  • Seamless pipes

Solution for both sides: MetalMarket’s BNPL Platform

Suppliers instead of wasting money on advertising and discounts will sell by invoice financing and subsidize loans interests for their customers.
First of all, Buyers need to be scored by MetalMarket in order to understand what is the interest rate and number of days of post payment that we can offer.
Supplier agrees the invoice (final sales + payment terms) with the approved Buyer on our platform
Buyer should send the invoice to MetalMarket to request the invoice financing; Seller confirms the invoice as well to avoid fraud.
MetalMarket signs the loan agreement with the Buyer where number of days and the interest rate are clearly stated
After money received Seller dispatches the order to the Buyer (Seller ensures that metal is reserved from the day of invoice financing confirmation)
Our suppliers
Our financial partners

Eligibility criteria for Buyer

Annual turnover in manufacturing – 3+ Cr, annual turnover in construction – 10+ Cr
Minimal age of the company must be 2 years
Only profitable business – at least for the last year
One banking line (CC/ OD limits for working capital) is opened
CIBIL credit score must be more than 650

Required documents

  • KYC details
  • Bank statement for last 6-12 months
  • Financials for previous 2 fiscal years
  • GSTR details for current fiscal year

About us

We are founders of two rapidly developing steel marketplaces in Russia - and

  • Igor Karelin

    CBDO/Co-founder of Severstal-owned steel marketplace –

    Ex-head of new business models at Severstal (One of the world's most efficient metals and mining companies)

    Ex-Deputy IT Director at Utkonos and Ulmart (leading e-commerce retail and delivery companies in CIS)

  • Roman Volkov

    Founder of 1st independent steel marketplace in CIS –

    Ex-Commercial strategy and business development manager at ERG, ex-BCG

Team traction on the domestic market (Russia)

  • GMV: 155 mln $

  • Registered clients: 3200

  • Integrated sellers: 150

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